August 07, 2007

Let's Make Pies

I sit in the midst of everything that must go. Crying out, “ Mama, everything’s a mess.” A mirror one foot, twelve inches away and the steaming streaming tears keep coming, uncontrollable sobs that can only be cured by a long road that ends at the next ocean. Loneliness surrounds me and awaits me. Lonely future, lonely freedom.
Lets make pies. Lets make it all go away with cherries and chocolate, with lemons and sweet dough. Hot apples in cinnamon and milk. Lets make pies to make the loneliness not so lonely.

back for more sand dancing.....

August 01, 2007

And we all fall down

I find myself playing at something and yet nothing is the product. I gave up on the writing and dove into everything else just find a lot of depression. I found myself yesterday remembering how nice it was to let it out even when no one is reading.

A change is on the horizon, perhaps the biggest of changes and yet I lay in bed playing at something and preparing for nothing. These past months or entire year has fallen into place so nicely, a little too nicely and it makes me nervous as a stray caged cat. The boyfriend is perfect I still love to watch him wake up. This is the time I love him most when he opens his eyes and they look prehistoric in color and design. We are playing at something rather serious and I find myself thinking too old for my age. I think in recipes and yard furniture when I should be thinking in drive thrus and parties. An older friend recently told me I am far more mature then her, I just hope I haven’t grown up too fast.