July 07, 2016


I worry about you.
I worry how you wake up.
Is your head in your hands?
Do you drive out to the beach just to feel something?
Feel the sun on your back, let it burn a little.
Beads of sweat slowly trace your spine and I worry.
I worry you feel pulled apart, stretched towards something new yet tied to something old.
I worry this tug of war darkens your spirit, shadows your soul.
You have great things; a beautiful mind, a want for good, a soft kiss.
I say you're nice to me, but I worry if you're nice to yourself.
Are there bruises on your heart?
I worry if I'll be the one to help them heal.
There are no answers at the bottom of bottles, there are no answers beyond these small screens.
I'd say the answers lie beneath those bruises, lets try to find them, and worry a little less.

February 08, 2016

Smirks and Soft Smiles

The dark neighborhood smelled sweet, like candy or laundry and the satellites sparkled in the sky like stars might. And I dwelled on you, I pondered, I doted. Were you looking up at these same satellites? This same night sky and smelling something sweet; something fruit something beach? Were you smirking in the way I do when thoughts of you criss cross my mind? I like to think that as my thoughts of you engage me, maybe they reach across miles and oceans and in turn your mind goes to thoughts of me. Slowly whispering on memories made and memories yet to be made, coolly, faintly haunting you through dreams, be they dreams of the day or night variety. And maybe you too are left with soft smiles in between your realities.