August 23, 2012

Look Forward, Look Out

Sometimes it is as if I don’t even know you. In my own quest for elusiveness you are the one who eludes me. Like a steam in the desert you are there, all around me and yet nowhere at all. Fleeting pieces of your life rush past me like a subway train leaving hot air and everything tangled. I hear whispers of you in the dark of my room and the stark light of afternoon. You are everything to everyone and mine only in silence, behind cold closed doors. You push me away until you need me, then wonder where I have been. You answer with questions, inquire with answers, I follow blindly and we both grapple towards infinite fate. A true partnership scares you while I find fright in trust. There is a light at the end of this passage, but its so often a strobe and disorienting. When do we go back to racing through photo flares and dreams? How do we get to the future before its happening? This dream is a wish my heart has made but my mind, my often unreasonable rational is no Sandman, and these castles will be washed away come high tide.

August 19, 2012


I want to runaway with you, the thought of it makes me brim with fear and excitement. The possibilities of adventure are endless: set sail, set fire, set match, swing set. Lets runaway and hide from the world. Lets travel to places where we can kiss in the streets and dance until dawn. The cinema of our tryst now kaleidoscopic, rich rainbows of the unknown envelope our every jump and twist of fate. Lets leave behind grays and find only crimsons, azures and emeralds. Bright pinks flash below depths of blues and neon yellows drench crisp white architecture. Lets runaway and forget this reality of dredge. Lets drink in salty waters and get drunk on warm romance. Lets not come up for air until we float away in clouds of rapture.

February 14, 2012

Today I love you...

Today, more then yesterday, my soul resonates into song with yours and the sheer volume makes my being hum.

Today I love you.

Today when your eyes meet mine I am awash in a sea of affection, drowning between sighs.
Today I love you.

Today I sit idle and daydream of being nestled next you in a warm bed of down and devotion.

 Today I love you.

 Today I watched the sun rise, tilted my head ever so slightly and thought of you.

 Today I love you.

 Today I wait in want for the moment that my hand can touch yours and a pulse of electric lust will shock through us.

 Today I love you.

 Today I listen to the whispers of your voice through thin walls and smirk at the thought of your lips forming each syllable.

 Today I love you.

 Today I am moon struck and walk on an air of caffeine and sweet sugar.

 Today I love you.

 Today this glimpse of adoration glows brighter, and like a moth to a flame I am drawn towards you in blindness.

 Today I love you.

 Today a thin wind whips my mind into tangles and I am lost in a web of mere rapture.

 Today I love you.

 And tomorrow? Tomorrow I will love you, too. 

January 19, 2012

Two - 4 - One

I wait at our old haunt,  I wait for the inevitable we thought, hoped would never come. Will this be the night we say it's been enough?  I rationalize and think we've done what we could but those odds, they continued to stack against us. I let my brain lead me in matters of the heart but truly know it won't be that easy. Another night cold on the floor? Lonely days plagued by thoughts of what could have been? I hope for the best but brace for the worst, find little solace in a surge of creativity, albeit heart broken sorrows. Suck down, force down a double to lessen the blow, and hope it won't be a blow at all. Push on towards suns that set on water lined horizons, push on towards home. One stepping stone here, one stepping stone there but these stones look cold and lonely without the heat of your body next me. Let not the universe convince you we were wrong, let not the trivialities of the day make you think whats left of our forbidden love is not worth every ounce of your attention. By the time you get here to bear the bad news you'll have forced down more than a double and I'll be forced to tears fueled by  the fear that maybe its not what I thought it was at all. Maybe, just maybe this lesson has been learned dispite my yearning for further tutoring.