October 25, 2009

Looking for that Lullaby

The music is like a call to freedom. Your harmonies infiltrate my mind and insist on the liberation of my heart and soul. They suggest a new chase, a new trail towards true passions, simplicity and solitude. My fears hold me back, I am afraid to be alone in the world with only my scars. As I daydream of a quest for stars I rationalize a settling and take the easy way home. If only sweet slumber could come quickly, I would be lost in dreams built on music instead of the still life nightmares built on lies. How will I find the voice of truth and reason when I am mute and empty on all topics of passion. I wish to feel again as my body goes numb to match my heart and mind. I wish to run again and dance to silent smiles. I want for the pulsing of my blood to feel like fire instead of the hot tears that stream my face. If these melodies can bring me back from my lifelessness there is hope they can ignite much more within me. Please sing me to sleep, sing me to dream.