September 15, 2010

Lateral Movements

A slow smile came over my face as lights of years gone by shone below, sparkled as the descent began. A rapid descent towards lights and water, this coastal home once agin called to me and I remembered the ways in which I had often contemplated my pilgrimage back to the these seaside smells and morning fog. Spacious and new, yet reminiscent of the place in which I had found myself alone for so long. Driving along coastal cliffs and winding towards the sea, sitting in cold theaters sipping lemonade. Maybe there is a way back now, maybe the pilgrimage has begun. A slow meandering towards this small city of bridges and bright lights. Old friends welcome me home again and then there is this persistence of an old love, coast to coast our lives have continued to parallel and now at this moment these parallel tracks have merged whether by force or by chance, we find ourselves skating towards each other rushing and passing towards each other. We might find a moment to grasp hands, find a time to spin in this whirlpool of an old love that has become shockingly fresh like the cold bite of the pacific ocean. And yet my guard stays up, this chain link fence of curiosity remains intact while you lean your way in, I hide and hold back. My body feels weak from dancing, my brain feels weaker from staying up too late and yet I contemplate how to make this lateral movement possible, time to jump tracks and chase sunsets.

September 14, 2010

Apart Together

Time ticks on, we push for 20 minutes.
Reality nudges at the back of my mind with the heaviness of alcohol.
I watch your new self in your new novelty,
it's like nothing l've seen before
and yet I appreciate the ways in which we have grown apart together.
Your sweet kisses
and the way I have faced my larger fears in the midst of this weekend make me want to stay
and languish in the afternoon sun with you.
Can we find a happy medium?
Can I find a way out of this perpetuation of reality and escape to live in the daydreams of my weekends?
Time pushes on
we have minutes and the pressure of your body won't keep me here long enough,
but let's take these last moments to dote on eachother, slowly, softly.