August 06, 2014

Forgo The Cargo

It was one day and I thought ok
It was two and I said that’s new
When its three and four, will there be more?


How can you say nothing? Yet your silence speaks loudly, screams impatiently.
Enough now, this is enough.
How many times can you say go away until I hear you?
Why do I hang on as you ease off, push off and let go
The deepest crevice of emotion lingers where nothing ought to linger
It was nothing but the promise of everything
A promise lost between stagnant kisses and caught stares
A whisper of something more drown in your strange shuffle
A hope for wholeness based on halfness
A dream of sandy sheets and tangled legs
A wish for something deeper cast off as jetsam

Still waiting… for what? I’m not even sure anymore.

August 02, 2014

All the Fun

We have all the fun
We dance on rainbows and swing from blinking stars
We have all the fun
We dive to great depths then wrestle for air
We have all the fun
We hold hands briefly then kiss in sly alleys
We have all the fun
I laugh loudly and you stare fondly
We have all the fun
Smile, smile, smile, giggle, touch, smile
We have all the fun
We eat all the pizza and drink most of the wine
We have all the fun
I let you set the moon and I bask in its glow

We have all the fun.