October 11, 2006

Bo and the first rain

Today was the first rain since about may or so. I had heard it was coming yesterday on the early morning news while I was getting dressed. They said it would come last night but it didn’t. It came today at about 2pm and my roommates exclaimed, “What’s that sound? Is that rain?” And we all went and stood under the skylight and stared upward watching it drip down the sides of the opaque concave window. When the mediocre meteorologist had mentioned to expect rain I wondered where my dollar store umbrella was, probably at my parents house, I’ll need to go there and get some sort of rain gear, boots, jackets with hoods and such. There’s a certain excitement among the channels though as far as the weathermen are concerned, even the reporters find it fantastical to have some kind of truth to the news, something real to report on is novelty. Regardless of all this I have come in contact with a young man who is a waiter where I now hostess. His name is Bo; he has the later shift where his tables are located nearest to my hostess stand. As I am new I am just discovering the personalities of my co-workers and they me I guess. Bo often stops to talk, make small comments about nothing of too much importance but simply to pass the time. He bares a resemblance to Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh’s friend, but with shorter darker hair but has the same happy demeanor. The rain intrigued him to much greatness. He commented that the temperature would make this situation the perfect evening to take a walk in the rain, and later he did go stand outside and upon his return reported it to be “really nice out there”. He was right about the whole taking a walk in the rain, it would be nice, walking along, sharing an umbrella with a friend or lover, laughing slipping down the city sidewalk as it gets washed clean or makes mud of the slick streets. The way the stoplights and crosswalk signals have an aquatic glow about them. Rain is an interesting thing, a season I am looking forward to, a life style of waterproof gear and squeaky shoes.

painting by Joseph La Pierre


Doug said...

The first rain of the season is exciting. I'm still waiting for the first real one down south.

cooper said...

Damn, it sounds like rain is a lot more fun where you come from.

Or maybe you just make it sound so.