April 08, 2010

It's Sinking, It's Getting Deeper

These are the nights where I don’t want to be thinking “oh this town” I want to be knowing “oh this city.”
These are the nights where I want to go walking and feel a little cold but my heart is warm.
These are the times where I want to be thinking I‘m home, and I’m alone and its quiet.
The only words are the thoughts in my head.
Where the dimming lights are more than innovation, where my great city coos with wet tires and electricity.
Until then these are the nights where I devise and scheme a way home to my Shangri-la, to my loves, to my city by the bay.
Oh incessant annoyances can be put to bed but the incessant words keep ringing and I’m wringing hands to keep above the panic.
Take me back and hurry before I forget you or let it get too deep here love!


Doug said...

These are the days I wish I could find you on a map.

Rio said...

I'd like to find me too but i don't think a map will help.