September 14, 2010

Apart Together

Time ticks on, we push for 20 minutes.
Reality nudges at the back of my mind with the heaviness of alcohol.
I watch your new self in your new novelty,
it's like nothing l've seen before
and yet I appreciate the ways in which we have grown apart together.
Your sweet kisses
and the way I have faced my larger fears in the midst of this weekend make me want to stay
and languish in the afternoon sun with you.
Can we find a happy medium?
Can I find a way out of this perpetuation of reality and escape to live in the daydreams of my weekends?
Time pushes on
we have minutes and the pressure of your body won't keep me here long enough,
but let's take these last moments to dote on eachother, slowly, softly.


Doug said...

That sounds like a very nice relationship.

Rio said...

it certainly could be if I would let it

LaNdri said...

Like This :)

lala said...

Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here.

soumei said...

...begs the question, why won't you let it?