January 09, 2011

Hauntingly Hunting

You're haunting me, hiding at every digital turn I take. This transference of obsession started off easy enough but the continuous burning and lack of reciprocation has left me drowning. And while I move toward familiar coasts I continue to yearn for something more from you, I have let ALL of my crazy show and you look back in confusion with the same stare you kept in those stunted early morning moments. You're haunting me, your being and phantasm lurk over my shoulder and hide in the recesses of my mind.  When you pass though my mind, wisp through my psyche, my shoulders go numb, my knees weak and I am left with the taste of sick in my mouth. 

Unbeknownst to you I slide down, slouch down and pine alone, you do not share my feat  and you do not expect the extent to which I have dwelled on all things you. Even now, even this, especially this, is too much but somewhere in the interim, in the crush transference, in the 3rd degree, I have lost myself. 


Doug said...

The 3rd degree is a bad hiding place, I guess.

soumei said...

Excellent choice of words.