February 19, 2011

They Knew it to Be True Before it Was

Slumbering in your big bed, your fingers find mine and I flutter awake with a smile. I was trying to push out of my comfort zone but continue to find myself wrapped in your arms under your sheets. I fiend to dream of you all day, by night I nuzzle in your scent, you leave me grinning more than I am used to. We engage in a game of shhhhh, secrets abound, we delicately dance about the situation in hopes no one will notice. Each look calculated, each touch, each spoken word a novelty until we find ourselves alone and trip down hidden paths gripped tightly together stopping for long awaited kisses and embraces. I want to shower your neck with short kisses and find your gaze across every table. The pressure is tangible as our time playing house comes to a close, as neighbors will we find the same thrills or something more reasonably melancholy? 


Doug said...

Isn't that the best stage? My favorite.

The Real K. Gray said...

So beautifully put together, all of your posts sound so enchanting.

cooper said...

Oh dear Rio you can write about any stage and it sounds good, if it's a good stage the more so.