May 11, 2011

Make it the Way it Was

Is it fun? is it right? is it worth it?
You make me crazy, ecstatic and utterly confused.
I am driven to the edge.

I have lost patience in trusting but I want for yours.

I secretly conspire against you by holding you close and looking over your shoulder.

The world has stopped outside, a fire truck blinks but I can't hear the effects.

It was fun. It was wrong. It still is worth it when there's a glimpse of what was between bouts of jealousy.

I want answers. I want evidence. I want out.
I want attention. I want to trust you. I want to start again.

Make it the way it was. Stop hiding the back burner and grey areas.
Maybe it can never be much more than this and maybe you already figured that out.

I love the way it is in the morning. I love the way it is in the afternoon when you're tired and we're quiet.
Make it that way again.

Let the evidence be a reason for me to trust again.
Let me not need the proof, let the gun be cold and smokeless.

Let me only second guess where the next kiss will land.

Let me make it the may it was, the way you think it is.