February 14, 2012

Today I love you...

Today, more then yesterday, my soul resonates into song with yours and the sheer volume makes my being hum.

Today I love you.

Today when your eyes meet mine I am awash in a sea of affection, drowning between sighs.
Today I love you.

Today I sit idle and daydream of being nestled next you in a warm bed of down and devotion.

 Today I love you.

 Today I watched the sun rise, tilted my head ever so slightly and thought of you.

 Today I love you.

 Today I wait in want for the moment that my hand can touch yours and a pulse of electric lust will shock through us.

 Today I love you.

 Today I listen to the whispers of your voice through thin walls and smirk at the thought of your lips forming each syllable.

 Today I love you.

 Today I am moon struck and walk on an air of caffeine and sweet sugar.

 Today I love you.

 Today this glimpse of adoration glows brighter, and like a moth to a flame I am drawn towards you in blindness.

 Today I love you.

 Today a thin wind whips my mind into tangles and I am lost in a web of mere rapture.

 Today I love you.

 And tomorrow? Tomorrow I will love you, too. 


magical colourful fuzzy monkey said...

i love this!!! :DD

fly me to paradise said...

i love yr blog! check me out at onceuponatimeinappleland.blogspot.com too. And i love yr posts

ver said...

love your blog :)

boon boon^^ said...

Nice blog~! Like it~:)

That girl. said...

I'm reading you, from Colombia.

Frann Maria said...

Such brilliant words! This is a frustration of mine - poetry - and its just amazing, reading something that you wanted to be able to write for so long. Amazing :)