July 04, 2014

Don't Rush

Something smells of honey suckles and bewilderment. I lay motionless under heavy blankets to quiet my mind, but it races on at a pace matched only by my heart. We could have been everything but our pasts and futures hold us in an unsolvable limbo. We hold a mirror to eachother, our reflections are not what we imagined they would be, like a fun house distortions waver; legs stretch with tales of something like truth, smiles are swirled into frowns. If I close my eyes to sleep will I find myself in that former dream scene? Will I wake up where we were a week ago and see you to the door before it goes any farther? Save myself the exhaustion? The drama? All the things I list when faced with questions regarding my loneliness. From this vantage point it's hard to say, hard to know. All I ever wanted was to look into your eyes at dusk, say nothing and yet everything at once.

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