June 14, 2006

my jungle

I heard a heartbeat and pressed my hand to the wall to feel the music. I closed my eyes to imagine a hot jungle beyond my palm. Panthers slinking among miniskirts and shirtless young men. Vines and serpents hanging in an iridescent smoke, all things swaying to that same heavy beat. Just as I caught the eyes of the Panther I awoke in a blanketed sweat only to find the heartbeat was my own ringing in my ears, however the shirtless boy was there next to me his staring eye wide in the early morning. I smiled and kissed his bicep that was my pillow and turned to continue my dreams. Before I found myself in the jungle I began to ponder why he was awake staring at me and checked to make sure he really was awake. It was true his prehistoric eyes were open but still full of sleep. I stared into them imagining if it was possible that he was dreaming my same dreams. I began to dose off but fought so I could watch his own sleep process in the bright light of dawn. I soon found his eyes to be closed and I once again felt the safety of his arms and returned to my jungle trip.


cooper said...

I'll have what you're having.

Doug said...

As always well told, Jane.

Jenna Howard said...

I'll take one too. Sigh.