August 06, 2006

getting back to the writing slowly

It was just a taste of what was to come. I found myself wanting to watch movies that matter, documentaries and things about the world. Things that I don’t think about because I’m caught up in this semi-bilingual love affair. I can only tell him I love him in Spanish and many of his sweet nothings come in the same language... he went out of town this weekend, our second to last weekend and I wonder if ill feel the same way I did his first night away when he begins his trek to the other side of our American universe in the coming weeks. I felt like I should lie in the middle of the floor so the devil could get a better shot with those darts he was throwing at my heart. I was watching Cold Case Files and crying, it was pathetic but still a taste of what was to come. One week away and my mom has promised a day at the spa once he leaves. In the mean time I have to find a place to live which has proven much more difficult then I had thought. I’m also looking to graduate early, enough is enough and I’m ready to go exploring what they call real life. Well at least I think I’m ready.


Doug said...

I think you're ready, if real life is ready for you.

Do you know the song Spanish Is A Loving Tongue? It was written by Bob Dylan but my favorite version is by Emmylou Harris. That should be good for a few extra sobs.

Rio said...

ah thanks doug i'll look into that song

cooper said...

Spanish is a great language for love and for anything.

I believe youare ready rio.