September 02, 2007

here's to new

I was happy to feel the wave of independence as I exited the cold salty smelling palace. I wanted to touch everything and fall to my knees in a bowing to good fortune sort of joy. From the seaside skyscrapers, to the perfectly placed concrete tiles of the hot sidewalk. I wanted to jump up and dance among the notes of the slow accordion music blaring from hidden speakers. Most of all I wanted the hot sticky air to stick in my lungs, to hang on pulmonary. I watched magenta bougainvillea grow up a white stucco parking structure and thought, is this the answer or just an exquisite excuse for a permanent vacation from real life. Either way I have arrived at my independence, at my future, at my wildest dreams. At a happy place, whether permanent or just for the wonderful now.


Doug said...

Enjoy that! Independence is the best gift you can share.

cooper said...

Good luck to you and cheers to the independence.

I'll be thinking of you.