September 13, 2007

Make us pockets and sing to us

I wish to live in Neverland, among fairies, lost boys, mermaids and natives. Most of all I wish to hide and tease pirates or maybe just join the ranks and feast on salted meats. Fantasy is far more appealing than anything else and being this close to the vast Caribbean and fanciful islands I cant help but dwell on it. Oh to have no job, oh to never worry or want for anything. Oh to play with wooden swords and pixie dust. My dreams are full of fairy tale bedtime stories and lovely musicals. My entire life I only made one wish, on shooting stars, on 22 years of birthday candles, on eyelashes and falling feathers my one wish has been the same, To fly, to ride on the wind's back, and yet this wish has never never been answered. But still I wish it every chance I get hoping that this will be the truest wish and finally my heart will fly on wings straight for the second star on the right.

And now for one more hope:
Dear Peter Pan;
Please come to my window, I promise to tell you stories, sword fight, make you take your medicine, tantalize Hook to no end and never grow up if you take me to the place were dreams are born and time is never lost.
Love Always Rio


cooper said...

Take me with you.

Doug said...

Rio, you can manufacture lost boys. It's easy.

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