March 11, 2010

Did we just make Love?

Your picture is ominous but it pulls at my heartstrings slightly. I day dream of rubbing your back to night dream but now I’ll let the conversation and communication lull to a dull sane, only to rile the anxiety back up in the coming weeks. I wish I dreamt of you more or inversely I wish I slept with you more and worsely maybe I will dream of you tonight while I wait on love to bleed from nothing while I wait on myself to need for nothing. Not need for you and your haberdashery, not need for it and its high highs, not need for music and it’s low lows. Lets go dancing through my memories, lets find me in cold movie theaters hanging on every slow note alone, lets find me walking along dirt paths to end at foggy cliffs, lets find you in my dreams and in my life sitting cold on foggy cliffs and dancing under blue glass, maybe dancing to blue grass. “Who are you?” you’ll puff and I’ll waver slightly “who are you?” you’ll pass and I’ll wager it all in that dark azure glow. Cash in my chips just to be known as the girl that cried love, cried early morning tears for love that couldn’t be but somehow seemed to linger in late night staring contests.


Doug said...

That was beautiful, Rio. I like seeing you smile in the cover photo.

Bathwater said...

Where have you been?

Rio said...

Doug- how could I not smile? look at that beach.

Bathwater- I've been dancing on the sand, but I fully intend to be more diligent.