March 30, 2010

Silent Whispers Resonate Among Friends

We sit here smiling with our secrets.
We stand here humming with our fears.

… and all I want to do is lie on the couch and listen to you sing me a song.

My eyes try desperately to hide my deceptions and the cage around my heart does what it can to keep in the scandals. Oh, yes I’d like to fancy myself a keeper of a great many secrets but the reality is I wear them on my sleeve. Pinned there with tears, hanging loosely along with my sad scarred heart.

But I could sit with you and beguile awhile. You can tell me your curiosities while I try to keep my head above water, above wine. You can smile with your tongue and laugh with your ears while I smile with my crush and melt with my eyes. Your inquiring questions leave me intoxicated with alarm, this honesty is fresh and makes everything else easy.

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Doug said...

Barber of Seville, Darla?