July 10, 2010

Falling is Easy When You're Already Lying Down

Your kisses in that dark room haunt my mind while my doting words go unanswered, your advances are slight without the push of hot alcohol. Steam rises between martinis and dancing, steam rises while we whisper secrets, secrets as kisses. I hold onto these moments, I grapple back over the edge of the cliff my obsessions have pushed me beyond. My want for you is one-sided but in our friendship I find little treasure. I long for you on lonely roads as I listen to our favorite songs. Within my chest cavity a tornado spins, my sad heart withering and wilting as this whirlwind of emptiness drives through me. An answer from you, some reciprocation is not the antidote but I wouldn't overlook it all the same. I trudge along keeping smooth wrists far from sharp edges, as to not let out the hurt but keep it in and turn it into mismatched words left to be digitized.

Goodbye My Lover

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Doug said...

Fragile hearts are sexy.