July 16, 2010

Honey Soaked Summer Nights

My mouth is stuck in a fond smile as I sit down to recount. You make me laugh, laugh at you. My interest goes beyond the touches, your interest may not. Tenderly you remove my shoes and are met with giggles, I laugh at your chivalry but know all too well there’s much more to your intentions. Sleep pushes at the backs of my eyes but I struggle to stay awake past the dancing. You tell me about your dreams while I barely speak at all, dumbfounded by circumstance and drowning in drowsiness. I’m silently enthralled at the way you love your friends, love your wine, love your food. Inspiring and unexpected as always, these beer fueled encounters leave me melancholy but surprisingly pleased. I like the way you talk with your hands, you like the way I let you kiss me. Until we meet again the honey hives surge on with sweet nectar waiting for harvest and I find my lips ever so slightly stung.

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