August 09, 2011

The things I've written about you paint us in shadow but I continue to fight for light. My heart wipes the lies from my mind and I am left in a whirl pool of love/like. Your continuous shock and amazement at my forwardness regarding my feelings has become annoying really, and while I sit to write something nice, something bursting with hope, I let out the real feelings of complacency. Why have I let you become my everything, while you teeter between lust and regret? 


Doug said...

You write torch songs in prose. Ever try in music?

peaceheartsoulsista said...

I love this... its like that song - "strumming my something something something.." you know the one? lol

Arundhati said...

Hey! Your new follower here! Visited your blog accidentally, actually! But its a nice accident, I must say. You've got a real great blog here and I liked it!
I respect how you keep everything so real and be honest with yourself as well as with the people who read it. Keep it up! I loved the way you write your feelings.. kind of how a girl ACTUALLY feels. I'm impressed. :)

From India with love,