September 27, 2005

why i dont write about politics

or care about them much either. i know i know this is so stupid i should get involved with my country to make differences and get rid of our crazy ass of a president but i can't, because i was. at a young age i became inthralled with politics, by young age i mean 8 ish. i used to go visit my god-mother in Washington DC for at least two weeks every year and she would take me around Capitol Hill and talk up the page program and all this stuff. it seemed so glamorous and amazing. I mean really what 8 year old girl wouldnt want to be involved? well then i fell in love with President Bush senior, and i mean in love big time thrid grade kinda crush. my hippy parents thought i was crazy but cute, and they handled it by laughing at me and saying "well you'll figure this out later." well here comes later, I'm still summering in DC and getting all this Hill knowledge that most kids in California knew nothing about and i get to be "the youngest page ever" (13) for my local congressmen, so he tells me, but on the hill. i had to do stupid duties like pick up his cell pohne he left at home or go get muffins for the workers at first but after awhile they could see i was probably more capable then some of the people who were actually hired there. so i got this assignment, write a constituent letter and then we will stamp it with the congressmen's name, so write it like you're him. at first i was so excited, oh yeah role play sure i can get into this. but then i came home and grew up and started to think what a lying shack of shit the entire political system is, whether they are democratic, repulicans or thumb-up-their-asses. so i changed my mind, i no longer wanted to become the first women president or your local lying congresswoman no matter how glamorous it looked from the outside, these people had no souls, not that i do now, but they were making choices for some people who do, and bad unrealsitic choices at that. now i will admit i do have one last huge politcal crush on our first president, George Washington, this affair has been going on probably since the fifth grade when my class did a play called, "Let George Do It!" i have since done reports and even written a sonnet about him for a high school assignment. Oh G.W. you're just so powdery!


so thats why i dont like to talk about politics, it maybe stupid and juvenial but i hold grudges and i got a big one against our government.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I don't blame you, I hate writing about it but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I like your non political writing anyway.

George probably wouldn't have been my cup of tea.

fucking roommate said...

loving george senior and all, i never thought you would say little george was an idiot. but im very glad. keep writing, if not for yourself, for me. im at work. and bored. and reading your stuff is the little joy i get out of my boredom! xoxo. i want to come visit soooon.

Doug said...

I like you and Washington as a couple, rubber joints and wooden teeth. It could work.