October 23, 2005


Wouldn’t you love to make a coat of the sheets made of dryer lint, it would be extraordinarily soft and warm, but it would fall to pieces quickly and make quite a mess. My aunt bought some bright coral colored towels for her bed and breakfast place and after washing them the lint was bright coral, she saved it to show to me because she thought it was so pretty, it really was though. I love the feel of that lint, its just so incredibly soft. I’m a weirdo I know. I just finished my laundry, it was the longest task ever. I went to the main office of our apartments to put money on our laundry card, figuring that my roommate didn’t put any money on the card after he used it, well the office was locked so I had to come back and get my other card that will let you in the lobby when it is locked. Got the card and went back but my card wouln’t work so I coudn’t get in. I came back and went to the laundry room to see how much money was on the card, I should have done this in the first place, it would have saved me a lot of trouble because there was plenty. I had 5-7 minutes before a washer was available so I came back to the house and watched some of Philadelphia, I guess that opera breakdown scene of tom hank’s got me a little distracted because when I returned someone had gotten there before me, I had another 32-35 minutes to wait. This time when I returned a little early there were two people in there, this became very awkward because we just stood there them waiting for their clothes to be done me waiting to my clothes in, trying not to stare at one another. Finally their clothes are done and I put my clothes in. yada yada this goes on again with the dryer and I am kind enough to put all my clothes into one dryer so an asian woman who barely speaks English can dry her cotton candy pink blanket, shes very gracious and im happy to obligue. Now all the laundry is done and im watching Harold and Maude, oh that cat stevens. But what is going on with harold’s mother’s hair or those hats?


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

When you make that coat, let me know. Some lint definitely feels better than others.

I hae doing laundry where others do their laundry because it is one of those trying not to statre at other peoples underwear kind of things.

Doug said...

Lint's nice stuff, I'll grant you. I used to do crossword puzzles waiting for the laundry machines. And learn Spanish.