December 27, 2005

i'm still alive

i have't posted in awhile and that last post was kinda scary and im sure that some of you may have thought i would have rushed upon some sword at how terribly sad i was. well it got a lot worse before it got better and now its about to get even stranger im sure. today i leave for miami for my birthday... i dont want to go but it will be good to get away probably. im going with my ex boy friend i broke up with a little over a month ago, we havent seen eachother since and only talked briefly about the trip. i dont know how much blogging will come of the trip as i dont know if the condo has internet or anything. and im leaving behind the previous ex who i have recently decided i really do love and all that comes with that, however hes dating someone else so i am leaving him and her to only become closer as i go to some place i dont even want to be. wish me luck, i'll make the best of this opportunity. and thanks for all the encouraging words.


Doug said...

Rio, have a good trip. Be sweet to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hello My name is Rio from California. If you would like to chat with me email me at

Talk to you soon!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Sorry I got here late. Enjoy Miami.....the Cuban capital of the US. I do so love Cubans.

Like Doug said Rio, I hope you are being good to yourself. I'm sure you deserve it.

Such a tangled web we weave eh?

love cooper.