December 12, 2005

won't you be my neighbor?

Sometimes if I’m quiet enough I can near him through the wall leaving voicemails. Its very intimate sharing a wall with someone you barely know. I can hear his music, sometimes techno sometimes reggae. My roommate told me that there is a parallel poster of Bob Marley on his side to my poster of Marilyn Monroe. It’s interesting to me to listen to him. There used to be this screeching noise that would come from his room and it took me weeks to figure out what it was until one day I finally realized it was the hangers in his closet screeching as he moved them about. The times I have seen him he seemed nice enough, asking me how my day was going? Inquiring if it was me he had seen earlier in the laundry room. It did seem as if he may have bit of a staring problem but I guess I am the one enthralled by every pencil drop I can overhear on the other side of the wall. I have built up this image of his room, it fairly clean buts that probably from the OCD because I would like things to be clean. I can imagine exactly where everything is, the layout, but I’m sure if I ever actually saw it I would be incredibly wrong, that’s why I never really want to see inside. He kind of looks like this girl from my high school that I greatly disliked for no real reason, guess I did that in high school, but it makes seeing him quite strange cause I probably just stare at his nose and how much it looks exactly like hers. I guess I’m the weird one but strangers are often intriguing.


Croaker said...

Yes strangers can be intruging when we become fixated on them. Glad your not my neighbor :)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I'd despise thn walls myself as I would be listineing to every creep and rustle and never be able to concentrate on my life.