December 12, 2009

Palm to Palm, We Dream

I can see your hand there, in the shadows of my mind. As I wake I dream of you, as I study my own hands I think of yours. Your long fingers running through your hair, why is it that I cannot forget you? And why is it that I only let myself remember the romantic stupor inducing times? I still dream of you in sleep, I ask you to acquiesce to me while you drive away laughing at the thought, as well as the unnecessary vocabulary use. In the past I was able to put thoughts of you aside but now that we reside on the same coastline and keep the same hours I can't help but dwell on thoughts and dreams of you. However fleeting they may be these thoughts keep my head above water while I continue to drown in listlessness. Doors open and unlock around me, I am searching for some kind of door that will end this flood I am hiding in. I do wonder what will happen first; will the shadows of my mind forget your hands or will the waters overcome what's left of my dreams?



Doug said...

Yipe. Powerful ending.

Bathwater said...

I used to think you were very romantic for keeping loves torch alive the way you do now, after meeting someone in my own life that reminds me of you, I am beginning to think it is not so healthy.

But seeing as my verification word is "haters" maybe I am wrong. :)

Rio said...

Bathwater if it makes you feel better, this is old and I just found it so I thought I would put it up, cause like Doug said it is rather powerful. I agree it isn't very healthy to carry torches but time has healed this wound.

Bathwater said...

That's good I didn't want to think you were still stuck there. I hope you are doing well.