May 25, 2010

Life Tetris

I saw a picture of a ballet dancer and started to cry
I had a dream about a blue kitten and woke to whimpers
Twists and turns form along the road in front of me
Chances for a life-up, chances to make a change while I wish for days of old
Days of tulle and floating feathers
I day dream through corporate meetings about beach dance parties, the sand sticking to sweat as all demons and worries are released
Trying to turn down poison for easy release pills
The trade off being my mind
If I can dance it all off, stretch it all away
I may just find myself at the twist or turn towards success
Here’s hoping it all falls down and right into place


Doug said...

I remember when you guest blogged on my site, my mother saying "that was a beautiful third position!" You should do alright.

Rio said...

that was so long ago....
and yes i'll be fine I've taken to dancing around my living room daily for fun

Doug said...

Good start!

abroome4287 said...

i love this.

Cooper said...

Loved this post Rio, so old new you.