May 07, 2010

You, Me, Us, We

We fiend, we find, we pay.
We fall, we twist, we turn into old patterns, into catching up between catching breaths.
You dance, you laugh, you drink.
I watch, I fall, I play along.
Farther down old feelings push at unstructuring synapses.
I wait, I want, I take.
You rush, you take, you want.
We rock, we roll, we wave but the fire needs fuel and the same stories keep getting told.
Lips brush, lips crush, and tokens of nothing are exchanged.
You say, you want, you own.
I push but pull and you waver not at all.
You taste the same, smell the same, kiss the same as you once did in the stark starlight of first kisses and first crushes.
"Don't you want to kiss me?"
"Oh please you're the only one I want to kiss."
But you'll leave in the morning hidden behind sleep depravation, you won't make eye contact and I'll be left yearning ever so slightly.
You tease, you rush, you're gone again.
I please, I crush, I'm thrown again.‏

1 comment:

Doug said...

Sounds like a good one. Just the right amount of torment.