January 03, 2006

i should be dying for someones sins

Last night I got extremely drunk because it was the ex’s birthday and his new lady friend was having a party for him. I sent him a couple suggestive text messages in both Spanish and English, knowing she would read them, she called my cell phone when he wasn’t around and left some kind of message saying not to call him anymore or write him text messages, so I called her back and she got extremely angry saying that she has a son and her mother was in town, oh yeah shes 41 and hes 23 and it was much too late to be calling and I apologized kindly and said I was under the impression you wanted me to call you back. Then she started to get a nasty to me about not calling him anymore and how they were all laughing at my text messages so I proceded to ask her if she liked the fact that she was twice everyones age there, I don’t think that got a response so then I asked her how it is having fake tits and fake hair? She hung up after that, but really I am skeptical of a woman who hangs out with people 20 years younger then her, however if she hangs out with the ex she must be pretty cool because he is but she sounds crazy to me, taking my number out of his phone, monitoring his calls and text messages. Anyway on to me being crazy… so after the phone call I decided I wanted to go to this club in Miami called the opium garden so we walked about 10 blocks and never found it, this made my other ex boyfriend who I am here with very angry then when we were walking back I started pulling on all the door handles of the parked cars, he didn’t like that either. At some point he left and I wanted to get on a tractor that was doing some remodeling, I really wanted to steal a vehicle in my drunkenness, I guess climbing over the fence I cut my hand, it looked like a stigmata to me and I desperately needed the other side cut to match but had no knife I asked about every person we passed if they had a knife, not one admitted to it if they did so then I decided next best thing; ill burn it with a cigarette the waiter gave me, its didn’t really work there is only a small mark there now, so then I found a bottle and broke it and tried to cut myself on that while I was on the phone getting details about that woman from my old roommate who went to the “party”. I really wanted this stigmata thing, im not really sure why but I only have half a stigmata now which I just silly, I even tried to show the cab driver that I was jesus, then we got home all of us were in a huge fight I poured alcohol on my cut and the guy im here with started crying cause he loves me or something, all in all the evening was awful, awfully drunk.


Doug said...

OK, this was all funny but if I knew you in person, I'd definitely be arranging an intervention at this point. I once spent an hour at about your age trying to give myself a fencing scar on my cheek with a piece of obsidian I found. Turns out my hide's pretty thick.

Croaker said...

Rio, are you forgetting your earlier posts. You are 21 you should be having fun not scaring yourself and worrying about a guy who has moved on.

kpncooper said...

I agree with croaker although I did laugh at the post rio.