January 22, 2006

windy roads

Sometimes you just need to follow the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I never did see her face but the twists in the road undid the knots in my stomach and straightened my hair. Things were shining and as much as I thought of him I was starting to forget what he meant any more. I pushed him and pulled him to the point that he turned his back on me and jumped off the metaphorical bridge that our relationship had become. I drove over the bridge to look over the edge to see him there flaying and floating below, and maybe I pushed him to this point, so I laugh because it maybe my fault that my love is drowning. Easy enough, run to someone else who is quick to turn his back and jump from the same bridge.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

This is a good thing.

Rio said...

i agree the laughing is probably the best part

GraceD said...

Darling Blog Daughter,

Your writing is the usual wry and brilliant stuff. Time to share and take with the rest of us. Go to my blog and read about WolffCamp. Go to the wiki. See that I saved a place for you.

Who? Loves? You?

Why, yer Blog Mother, of course.