January 29, 2006

Jokers to the right

I wonder if my tired eyes reflect all the pain or if I just look tired. Radio waves and songs pulse through my veins and arteries. I cry to the tune of When a Man Loves a Woman and shower to Earth Angel as I search desperately through dreams and strange beds to find my own angel, but as I rub their backs so they may sleep there is nothing near the remnants of wings and most would never dare wear a halo. So I steal another moment, another shining star in unfamiliar lips so that I may continue breathing and continue lying to myself about how bad it doesn’t hurt when someone else is holding me together. “There’s nothing wrong with me loving you.” At least the sweet and wonderful life continues even when I can’t face the daylight that builds muscles on my legs and blondes my hair. Once again left searching, dancing, running, writing for something familiar or totally new so that I can remember nothing and make new memories to the tunes of Al Green and Steeler’s Wheel.


Croaker said...

Painful and sweet.

Doug said...

Oh, Al Green has been the soundtrack to a lot of good and bad days.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

There are worse ways to make new memories.

Coming around again.