January 06, 2006


As I stare out the window the world has become upside down just like the way I feel. The stars are on the ground, the lights that light the cities look like stars and I feel like the contents of an emptied purse, scattered, torn and broken. Holding on to everything that has let me go and let me down and running from anyone with open arms. I can see my faults they are plain as a vanilla milkshake, my cuts do not heal and I feel sinister and not holy at all. I want to run away on roller skates and never return to anything familiar. I’ve been reading books about drug addicts and I feel like I’m coming down off their drugs so slowly and so slowly. I find myself writing the way I dance, in the car when I choreograph to songs on the radio that I don’t know the words to, I use repetition for emphasis for memory logging as my memory comes and goes I can only imagine those watching, those reading need the repetition as much as I feel I do.


Aaron said...

Soldiers come quickly, I feel the earth beneath my feet.
I’m feeling badly, it’s not an attempt at decency.
And if you’re well off, well then I’m happy some for you.
But I’d rather not celebrate my defeat and humiliation here with you.

Someone come quickly, this place was built for moving out.
Leave behind buildings, the city planners got mapped out.
Bring with you history, and make your hard earned feast.
Then we’ll go to Omaha to work and exploit the booming music scene and humility.

And we’ve been talking all night….

Oh god come quickly, the execution of all things.
Let’s start with the bears and the air and mountains, rivers, and streams.
Then we’ll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbors and kids.
Crush all hopes of happiness with disease ‘cause of what you did.

And lastly, you’re all alone with nothing left but sleep.
But sleep never comes to you, it’s just the guilt and forever wakefulness of
the weak.
It’s just you and me….

The execution of all things.
The execution of all things.
The execution of all things.

Dunno if you dig Rilo Kiley, but they might be theraputic. I don't know you, by the way -- but your blog scrolled by on the homepage and I decided to click. I hope things get better for you. You write nicely.

Doug said...

It's an interesting post. I never worry that'll you miss one of your faults, but I'm interested in how you think about dancing.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

In the repitition of all things

All things are repeated

even the things that shouldn't be

hello hello hello hello
hello hello hello hello