February 27, 2006

more hearts

A pile of hearts
Mixed and matched
Rimmed in black
And striped across
I found them there
Waiting as most hearts do
They made me smile
I turned each face up
Makes me think of bands
Banded bands
These hearts
This pile of teeny delicate hearts
Easily blown apart by the flick of paper
Paper-thin hearts and created out of boredom
Out of love
Looking away from these hearts brings back the dark pessimism
Go back to the tiny baby hearts, there is solace there
Looking at these hearts
Strewn and left to be found
And they are like my heart
Love and mixed and matched
Rimmed in black
Striped by scars
Waiting to be found
Turning and smiling while thinking of you
Thinking of banded bands
My heart
Teeny and delicate
Easy blown apart by a flick of the wrist
By a flutter of eye lids
Paper-thin, waiting out of boredom
In and out of love
Pessimistic in nature
A tiny solace
Strewn and waiting to be found


cooper said...

great stuff rio.

good touch- the photo.

Doug said...

Rio, you are a real poet.

finnegan said...

Hello Rio,

I noticed we've been coupled at Wonderland or Not on what's been listed as "Dreamers".
Just thought I'd stop by to see who my fellow dreamer was---i'm glad I did.

You've been linked!

I'll be back to read more of your poems, which I so far find quite moving. You are talented.