February 07, 2006

shit (please excuse profanity)

The feelings of wanting the gas truck in front of me to fish tail have subsided, well they had until I arrived here and failed myself and then everyone else was quick to point that out some more. Young love, love? Young? I stopped answering the phone for them, for me. He always said I just shit on everyone and do whatever I want, its true I do and eventually they will probably all shit on me and my whole world will come falling down around me. Oh wait he already did it already did and I am standing triumphant again. Triumphant for today and maybe tomorrow.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Until the shit hits the proverbail fan......and it always does Rio , it always does.

I have some great shit kickers though, I'm sure you do as well. ;)

Doug said...

A rain of shit isn't the end of the world. It's not even officially a plague. (Not that I'm encouraging you)

Aaron said...

Gloria and I sat in the campus bookstore today after freezing to death outside, and we read through the PostSecret book in its entirety. She pointed out that you had link to it on your blog, and I remembered how long it had been since I've visited, so even though I made a tremendous list of things to do today I decided it wouldn't be right to start it without saying hello.