May 12, 2006


I find myself thinking of things to write about all day and once I sit to write them my mind is a blank. It is similar to how I think of things to tell him all day, little things, reminders and once I get to talk to him I forget all those things. He laughs at me now about it and I rarely remember. I don’t know if its that my memory is shot, the things weren’t very important or I get so excited to talk to him I forget. I have a similar experience when I eat shrimp. I get slightly dizzy when I eat it however I love shrimp so I’m not sure if its that I am allergic to the shellfish or just so excited to eat it that my body reacts in that way. It’s an interesting thing; I have very few allergies in reality. Pollen makes my eyes water, this was worse in high school not so bad these days. Penicillin makes me break out in a rash all over my body if I take it. You can imagine the circumstances under which I found out going in to the doctor for a cold and returning with a rash all over my body. There was another instance in which I broke out in a rash. There was this boy whom I liked very much we had seen each other off and on for a couple summers but one summer every time after I would go over to his house I would break out in a rash, it was worse on my face and legs, very strange, so I decided I must be allergic to him because he was rather hazardous to my mental health so I decided I had better discontinue our infrequent visits and thus the rash ceased and I was better off, mentally.


Doug said...

Man I wish I got a rash from women I'm allergic to. That's a gift, Rio. Cherish it.


haha i know who you are talking about. and you are better off, mentally... and physically, not having the rash and all.