January 16, 2010

The Music is Not Enough Now

I’ve been listening to you build your music and its everything none of us thought it would be. I’ve been slowly watching you break my heart and its everything I thought it would be. It was you not trying and me still going home and crying. Enjoy your beer, but what’s more enjoy her. She’s the one with her bad eighties movies and her career, yeah enjoy her. It should work well since you know it’s been over, it should work out well while I lie here in my hell. Nada mas para tu.

I’ll not sit among stars and satellites and contemplate you. I’ll not sit around much longer and wait for that song to be written about me. It’s been stretched too thin, to a point of nonexistence. You leave me sad and I leave you “sick” or at least that’s what you would like me to think. While I feel as if I have loved and lost you, you don’t know me at all. You don’t know I can easily see the benefits of not sleeping alone, you don’t see that I have been exactly like you up until the moment I mistakenly bared my soul to you. And so the process of backing away and regaining my dignity begins, I only wish we had never spent those months of admiration and those moments of bruising in the car, then I wouldn’t find myself alone again thinking of life, love and my lack thereof. But most importantly I wouldn't find myself alone thinking of you not thinking of me.


Doug said...

It's sort of amazing how incompatible candor and affection can be. They don't tell you that.

Rio said...

they don't tell you anything

Bathwater said...

That is the risk you take when you fall in love. I think you are strong enough to move on and fall in love again though.

The alternative is to be alone and watch others fall in love. Trust me some days that just doesn't do it.