January 10, 2010

To the Nights We Felt Alive

When planes sound like didgeridoos and the stars are shining into my heart
The music has infiltrated my life and taken me to a time I thought I’d never start.
I’m thinking about playing things, dancing and singing songs
I’m thinking about taking it easy all winter long.
I’m considering life again and keeping it level
I’m considering my city again and romancing the devil.
I’m wanting for more touch and finding it at every stop
I’m taking life to new heights, climbing to the top.
You’re singing in my ear, with your tongue and with your voice
I’m finding myself alone at night, the thoughts I still rejoice.
I’m riding home with you again just to sleep alone
I dream of death and destruction, my conscience is my own.
I’m writing and reading and watching again, I’m considering my dreams
It’s everything I thought I would be but well within my means.
A new year is dawning or maybe it had dawned
A new year is dawning and my life has just begun.
I’m putting words together and rhyming in new fashion
I’m putting words together and finding my old passion.

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Doug said...

Hey, great!