January 08, 2010

Continuing the Search for Life

I find myself listless and alone, I’ve started to search for something that matched your fury, albeit drink and endorphin induced fury, there is no match so I close my eyes and kiss in the dark trying to get back to the happy glow you left me in. The ability to make myself glow on my own is the real task at hand.
Stop hiding in cold sheets, your heart and mind don’t rest there any more.
Start looking to the sun and camping in the sand, shock your self back to your self.
I give good advice and never heed it. Instead I am slowly turning to a nocturnal wino. I romanticize every glance, every slow get away and certainly every fast kiss to the point of superior exhaustion. It seems that in the interim of my last relationship the rest of the world has become immune to my charms. The world has grown-up while I have stayed my same shallow self.
Searching for growth while I sleep the day away.


Doug said...

I think it's more likely you've grown opaque to the world's superficiality. Open the drapes and let the vapid lechery in.

Rio said...

ah really? do i have to let those lepers in? good things are coming. I'm glad you're still here.

Doug said...

No, of course the drapes are yours to open. And of course I'm still here.