July 13, 2005

beer and irons

oh wow. well since i quit my job at the boy scout camp i've been getting these weird odd jobs from my family. like cleaning out my cousin's cabinets or washing her windows. anyway i'm not really making any money which has done terrible things to my bank account like overdrawn it. so today i had nothing to do and my mother signed me up to iron pillow cases at my aunts bed and breakfast rentable mansion-ish type place. she does most of the cleaning herself. so all afternoon thats what i did. we played music and she told me about the woes of her daughter's feautureless relationship with her boyfriend. is was fun. then we went swimming in the pool and cleaned out the leaves because apparently the german business men staying there now told her, " we love your pool but can you take out the bugs." (think german accent) we did our best to get the bugs out. and then we split a beer and some tortilla chips and went back to ironing. mind you i dont think i've ever really ironed before, im not very domestic or helpful around the house for that matter, definately not wife-ish, not that i should be i'm 20 but anyway i got to iron my way today: to the dirty dancing soundtrack and with a glass of beer. ah this summer is looking up or maybe i'm just about to pass out. i would tell you more about my summer but i dont quite have the courage to delve back into my fast times since the incident. more later when i've had some more beer or when i get the guts to throw caution to the wind.

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Doug said...

Beer and bedsheets will do for now.