July 08, 2005

brittney spears

today, or maybe it was yesterday this whole week really blurs together, anyway i caught the end of one those shows on mtv or VH1 something about brittney spears and kevin and their life, i think it was some kind of federline family marathon cause i saw there was another similar show on after. they were talking about that letter that she wrote that supposedly changed her life, ive heard other tidbits about this letter but dont know the complete story, so one of those medicore comedians that they have hired to be experts on famous people for some reason starts saying how bad the letter was and what a terrible writer brittney is (yes we are and first name basis) so that got me thinknig about my writing and since i have started blogging how much i have been commended for the quality as well as entertainment value that my writing has. maybe brittney should start a blog, not that she has time but it cold help her writing cause we all know that is a big concern of hers. forget your abs brit we want some shakepeare shit about you and the fed. ew gross i can tbelieve i just blogged about brittney spears and her husband, im so not that kinda girl. not that anyone besides doug is reading this for the time being, thanks doug im working on my following.


Doug said...

Well, I'll be delighted to have company. You know, to help me with the candles. Shouldn't take long.

GraceD said...


I'll have you know I read this, Missy. Let's not have Britney blog, okay? For me? Yer Blog Mother? Good. Thank you.

Doug said...

grace. will you pick up some votives and crepe paper?