July 03, 2005

brown sugar

and no this has nothing to do with a rap video or hip hop dancers, although that could be another blog as i do love hip hop dancers anyway. today i was transfering some brown sugar from a box to a jar, this is my job i organize cabinet and shelves for the time being, and as i got a wiff of the stuff i couldnt help but soak in everything that brown sugar is. i've come to the conclusion that i happen to love the scent, while it is so sickeningly sweet it alomost smells sour or rank at the same time, reminds of myself. anyway my favorite part is the granules how sharp yet grainy they are and alhtough the texture is rough they melt so easily in the wetness of your mouth. as tacky as they are i love those wedding cakes made to look like sand castles where they use brown sugar as the sand, im so silly my second blog about brown sugar but this is my day, brown sugar? eh? i'm thinking i get some brown sugar scented perfume, just smelling the stuff made me want to do me so that has to be good. oh i never got to the tase oh wow thats like the best part, i love it because its not as refined as white sugar, much more random and misshappen, more real. and here i go more about brown sugar, i promise i'll think of something better soon. i'll be eating it while i think of something else to tell you'all about.


Doug said...

Mmm-mm...blond brown sugar.

GraceD said...

Ahhh...here you are, Dancing Girl. Whew!

More later. I just wanted to send my Big Phat Aloha.

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