November 28, 2005


As a child I went to catholic school but I was raised in the greek orthodox religion, I was terrified by confession in both but I had this idea of blog confessing, it seems much more harmless.

I’ve never had a boy friend I didn’t cheat on at sometime, I miss them all except the one my mother wants me to miss
I pee in the shower
I rarely get away with anything
I think I’m fat but I can’t stop eating
I don’t like it when my mother tells me that god is the answer to all my problems-Jesus can never be my boyfriend
I feel bad when I wear multiple necklaces from different exes at the same time-but it looks so good
I have ringworm, its pretty much contained these days but I can feel it flaring up right now
I like the smell of cigarette smoke on boys


Doug said...

Sometimes I forget being your age and I forget that you're your age. A boyfriend isn't the answer to all your problems either. I've been one a few times. Trust me.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

My brother went to a catholic school I fought hard to stay out of one.

I don't miss any of my boyfriends I can't seem to find the time.

boy/men are never the answer to anything but then again neither is Jesus.

Croaker said...

i agree with Alice a relationship is not the answer to anything, and ringworm? somethings should not be confessed ;).