November 07, 2005


Lately I’ve been craving the weirdest kinds of things. Not really food so much just things that I want or things that I want to do. I guess it kinda started with the what have I done here post. Craving him. Anyway I was craving turtlenecks, I was thinking just a plain white like I used to wear in my catholic school days with a red heart patch but then when I actually went to look for them I found a fabulous black rainbow striped one. I was also craving lace up van sneakers…tennis shoes… shoes… I don’t know what to call them so I ordered some online, navy ones and they were at my apartment today when I got home I wore them to class and they were so small they blistered my already torn feet, ,which is weird because they are the same size as my slip-on vans, anyway I cleaned them up and am going to try to exchange them. Last night I had the weirdest craving for a cigarette at the look out point in my hometown. I bought a pack, it was a disappointment for sure but the craving was apprehended, what a waste of like 5 dollars though. Anyway my mom broke her elbow so I went home this last weekend to be her nurse while my dad went to work. It was nice, I just lied around in my pajamas all day with her and watched tivo’d Operas and Joel Olstein, which was interesting. One errand I had to go buy her some Metamucil at Walgreen’s and they have those prayer candles with various bible celebrities on them and little prayers, being that I’m not usually that into religious paraphernalia but my mom loves it. I figured I better ask who could hang so I silently asked Jesus (hey Zeus), Mary Magdalene, and the heart of Mary who was up for a little fun, Zeus had a pretty sorrowful look as usual so I went with the un-perfumed heart of Mary, my mom loved the candle and I thought but it was a good conversation in Walgreen’s anyway. Now I’m back in San Francisco for a few days then I’m driving to San Diego for a long weekend. Another recent craving: San Diego I hope it turns out better then the shoes and the cigarettes and a lot more like the turtleneck. Oh I also highly recommend the BBC America show Mile High, there’s nudity and cussing, it’s fabulous.


The ZenFo Pro said...

San Diego's a fun little berg...sure you'll have fun...just blog surfing through Cooper's links...thought I'd say hi.And those Saint candles come in handy. Just love the scent of Tres Rosas hair tonic that they put in those Vigen of Guadalupe candles :-)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Nudity and Cussing together???????? I'm in.

I hope SD turns out better than the cigs and the shoes too.

Doug said...

I'm with Alice. I hope it ends up mile-high.

Vans come in lace-ups? You kids