August 02, 2005

how things change

I got my first boyfriend when I was 14 years old and he was 17. I was young and he was naïve, we waited for over a year to have sex. We were very much in love and thought that we would be together forever. I recently was going through some old journals trying to find a poem I had written to put on my blog; instead I found some stuff that he had written in one of my journals. I’m going to put it on here, I don’t know if this is legal but I highly doubt his rambling story was copy written or that he will ever find out. I found the story to be so ironic because we are now nothing alike but at one time all the things he wrote were what I wanted. Dear god what was I thinking?

Once there was a little girl who had beautiful curly hair. She was the best ballerina in the whole entire world. One day she fell in love with a boy named Teddy. After that day she was very happy because Teddy loved her and she loved Teddy. As they got older the ballerina and Teddy got married. They lived together in a house on Carmel Valley Road. The ballerina was in plays and ballets in San Francisco and blew glass on the weekends. Teddy turned out to be one of the smartest businessmen in California. Not only were they some of the wealthiest people in the world but they were definitely the happiest. Happiness is the most important thing to them and even though they can have anything in the world that they want they still have the most important thing in the world, love. The thing that binds two together for eternity not the weak bond of lust. He would send her flowers every one-year anniversary. Everyday he would make her laugh and love life to the fullest. She would make his heart warm every time that he would see her or hear her voice. Even in her old age she would make him feel like the most fortunate man in the world. Even today if you listen hard in her moms house you can hear her laughing with joy and love from him tickling her or just because they were in true love. Now both of them are together with no separation. They are like two unicorns that are running on the clouds of heaven with each step they fall higher into love. Everyday they tell each other how much they love each other and they are lucky that they met each other.

I guess it is a nice story; the writing is interesting which would explain why he is into bodybuilding, cars, frats, and business and not art. We broke up because he had been away at college for a year and two months into his second year he thought he would want to be with other people, to experience other people. That was about four years ago and he went out with one girl for a short amount of time and is just recently seeing a girl who his mother says looks just like me. I think it’s obvious I took this other people thing serious and really got into the game. Anyway I guess there will be no unicorns flying through the clouds of heaven for us anymore. Actually I think he might be gay.

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Doug said...

Unicorns usually are. Funny.