August 15, 2005

these are a few of my favorite things 8/15/05

Riding in the middle seat of a car- front or back

corn dogs& hot dogs, but not real dogs – the exception of Reno, a Rottweiler mix we once dog sat , he spoke French or took French commands I couldn’t resist him.

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Wooden hangers- they are a must says Carson Kressley of Queer Eye and I absolutely agree

Silver and gold mixed jewelry, supposedly it’s a big no no but I prefer both together

High Heels

Finding my keys (with non-duplicatable new apartment key) and my Tiffany necklace that I thought I lost about three days ago

Marabou (as in feathers)

Marilyn Monroe- I have posters, books and pictures, I have the white dress outfit made to fit me and a wig I played her in two plays.

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. said...

Cool you've played Marilyn in a couple of plays.


Doug said...

That's a good list. I have to say Marabou is new to me since you were on my site. Sounds ticklish.

GraceD said...

Hey! What about my dog Malcolm?!

Closet Metro said...

That's it! I blogged about that exact picture of Marilyn.