August 04, 2005

a poem about young love

Disastrous love on the wings of a pelican, Swimming, diving, jumping, kissing, caressing, pumping what is it about my dreams that leaves me here dreaming? Scheming, leaning towards you and you lip balm, rice and handsome palm. I’ve seen you at the baseball games, danced with you, didn’t know your name. But now things have changed, names are known feelings shown but thrown away or hidden underneath the hot cold beat of Summertime. Continue the rhyme just to fill the space I look at your face feelings more known then shown, ask you for things I don’t need, take the lead or not please don’t take off your shirt its too hot.

1 comment:

Doug said...

I can't help remembering the scene in Scarface when Tony Montana calls the flamingos "pelicans"