August 06, 2005

a meme of sorts

i myspace and there are always these weird bulletins about different things wear you copy and paste you own thing at the bottom like what would you say if you woke up in bed next to the person above you or click this website what is your stripper name. i usually never do them, its not really my thing but one came across my virtual bulletin board and i couldnt resist, probably because its all about me and i can be selfcentered- i chalk this up to being an only child. anyway the directions are: Type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 5 respons.

so Rio is:
Rio is aimed at europe
Rio is not for the faint hearted
Rio is stunningly beautiful
Rio is in trouble again
Rio is a bit off the strip

oh and i did my real name for the myspace version. between the two results you can really get a grip of who i am or who google thinks i am or something. it was fun anyway right? try it i highly recommend, im interested to read yours anyway.

(my real name) is:

-tired fo broken promises
-eating and Fredric and Tommy are still in the love tub outside
-on medication, she no longer cringes and cries when she swallows
-refreshingly detailed
-dating Jamie Kennedy

i know lucky right?
so try it out on your own site or comment with your results or dont whatever you want.


. said...

"Ted is"

a complex character

the patron Saint of shark jumping

a mirror

also director of Counter Intelligence

a repository of information


Doug said...

Your boyfriend's pretty funny.

I am Guod (and Guod is me)

I am a founding member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (call me if you want to be on a bulletin board. You scratch my back...)

I am a research hydrologist (You want clean water, right?)

I am able to intertwine

I am currently the President of ICLUBcentral Inc.

marie b. said...

"Marie is able to tune into each individual and give them accurate readings.

Marie is known as a Speaker who motivates AND gets results.

Marie is home to Lake Superior State University.

Marie is a teacher by profession.

Marie is double-crossed, robbed and dumped by her hired guide."

damn. i'm pretty happenin'.